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Siza Chemicals

Business model
  • Raw Material Feedstock Supply Chain
  • Operations (Production, Quality, Storage)
  • Sales and Support Functions (customer Relations, business management, HR, Finance
Prospective Clients
  • Car Dealerships and Service Station
  • Car parts and Accessories Wholesalers
  • Corporate Fleet Management Departments
Production Laboratories
  • ´We pride ourselves in the superior technology and production facilities that enables us to produce unique Siza Chemicals Coolant and Anti-freeze

  • It is a superior quality concentrated antifreeze and cooling system conditioner.

Quality Laboratories
  • All our products goes through a rigorous quality process prescribed by the SABS
  • The following standards are adhered to: ´ISO????
Product Description and Benefits
  • Siza Chemicals Coolant and Antifreeze is a superior quality concentrated antifreeze and cooling system conditioner.

  • It ensures year-round protection against freezing and corrosion. Its hybrid corrosion inhibitor package is based on organic acids and silicates.

  • Benefits

    – Guards against rust and corrosion.

    – Improves efficiency and reduces operating costs.

    – Protects against Winter freezing down to -40 °C

    – Protects all cooling system metals including aluminium.

    – Suitable for all water cooled petrol and diesel engines.

    – Improves summer cooling by promoting rapid heat transfer and raising the boiling temperature of the coolant above 100 °C.

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