Gold and PGMs

Sample Preparation is one of the most important steps in the analytical process. The goal is to achieve an homogenous sample or a sub-sample that is representative of the submitted material. If this is not achieved, then the analytical result can be biased or even meaningless! Therefore Set Point laboratories uses hi-tech crushing and milling equipment, with the sample preparation procedures accredited as separate entities on their own – apart from the analytical procedures.
Siza Coal Minerals Services offers various techniques depending on the testing requirements. Classic Fire Assay – Lead collection is used to accurately determine gold, platinum and palladium (and rhodium if required); and nickel sulphide collection determines all PGE elements (6E).
Depending on the testing requirements, either XRF or ICP-OES / ICP-MS can be employed to offer a full range of testing services.
  • Sampling and analysis for plant and product control on minerals beneficiation plants
  • Sample preparation of minerals from rock samples to pulps and liquid solutions
  • Extended analysis of borehole core mineral samples
  • Extended analysis on exploration samples – e.g. on iron, copper, manganese and lime ore samples. (Oxides, sulphides, carbonates and silicates) or concentrated ore samples
  • Precious metals, base metals and other trace elements analysis using ICP-OES and XRF
  • Fire assay lead collection for analysis of platinum, palladium and gold
  • Four acid digestion process for analysis of major, minor, trace and ultra-trace elements using ICP-OES finish
  • Borate fusion beads analysis for major and minor elements using XRF finish
  • XRF pressed pellets analysis for minor and trace elements
  • Powder analysis for major, minor and trace elements

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